i sleep in a drawer


johanna mason literally said “fuck you” to president snow but he’s like “oh shit katniss done made herself a bird”


coachella is so surreal


coachella is so surreal



Misato, who has been previously hired by her High School to rid their auditorium of pigeons, asserts that her falcon, Momotaro, will get the job done.

“The falcon is a divine punishment against crows. When their eyes meet the glare of the falcon, they will definitely not return” she says without a single doubt in her mind.

Japan’s Schoolgirl Falconer Is Incredibly Badass [Japanator]

that quote omfg lmao

Can someone make this into a show

stormeri asked: "Can you speak Canadian for me?"


I’ll have a large double double

First pic of Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, courtesy of his Twitter (x)

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ok get ready for me to be blogging from freking jail because i’m going to commit a murder in 3.1 seconds

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elegantscribble replied to your post: The options are a) stay in the city an…

Live on your own in the suburbs? Burnaby is pretty great…

siigh yeah it would be cheaper

but i don’t know if i could handle being in a completely new area on my own

i gotta grow up -_-“

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The options are a) stay in the city and slowly get driven mad by my living arrangement or b) move in with my parents and get my own space … in the middle of the suburbs.

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Im so annoyed

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Still better than M. Night Shyamalan’s version.


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late hbd to the “best dad”, i suppose 


late hbd to the “best dad”, i suppose 





weirdly it all seems to suit everyone